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If each member of Bangtan Boys will have their own solo album, these would be the content of their album:


Album title - ~Pink Princess~
Track 1: Pinku fuwah
Track 2: 6 Princes and a princess
Track 3: Flower boy
Track 4: Pink Chef (Acoustic ver)
Track 5: Pink Chef (Rock ver)

Album title - Midget Rapper 
Track 1: I hate how V smiles song
Track 2: Brown Suga (Suga ft Rap Mon)
Track 3: Gum Smile 
Track 4: My skin is whiter than yours (Explicit ver)
Track 5: Pretty legs

Album title - I’m your hope
Track 1: I’m your hope
Track 2: J-horse
Track 3: Mask
Track 4: Mask (Acoustic ver)
Track 5: No more mask

Rap Monster:
Album title- Kim Namjoon Collection
Track 1: Rap and Rap 
Track 2: This is how I rap
Track 3: This is how I rap with curses
Track 4: I can’t dance but I can rap
Track 5: Rap Monster (Super explicit ver)

Album title - Abs Monster 
Track 1: The Abs
Track 2: Ripping my shirt off
Track 3: Too sexy for you babe
Track 4: Sexy Time
Track 5: Cutie

Album title - Into my world
Track 1: Weird World
Track 2: Suga secretly likes me
Track 3: What is my name?
Track 4: My smile
Track 5: Weird (yeah yeah!)

Album title - Golden Maknae
Track 1: I can do everything, I can make you fall in love
Track 2: Look at all the pedos
Track 3: Noona, please be gentle
Track 4: My nose ain’t big (explicit ver)
Track 5: Nose Ranger (Acoustic ver)

CREDITS: Bangtan Boys Tagalog Memes